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Online & Melbourne-Based Sexuality & Intimacy Workshops

Online and in-person workshops are a great addition to your intimacy coaching sessions or on their own.

Each event and workshop targets a specific way to help you to make better connections, access more pleasure in your body, and have better sex. This may be a pelvic floor workshop for women of all ages, or Tantric and other methodology to help you break down your relationship and intimacy walls and dive deeper into connection.

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Upcoming Events

Listening to the wisdom of our sacred pelvic space connects us to our wild hearts.

Alchemic Activation Classes

Join Heidi True of True Intimacy and Bianca Ewa of Activated Being for a 90-minute class blending mindful connection, Tantra, embodied movement, sound, somatic therapy and Spinal Energetics, designed to open your body to your sensual nature and the potent wisdom of your heart.

Location: The Bigger Picture Clinic,
214 Glen Huntly Road,
Elsternwick VIC 3185

When: Sunday, 17 December 2023, 10:30am – 12:00pm
January & Feb dates TBA

Price: $50 per person

Contraindications: Please get in touch before booking if you have heart conditions, aneurysm, severe asthma, thyroid conditions, epilepsy, diagnoses of bipolar or schizophrenia, have been hospitalised for a psychiatric condition in the past 10 years, or are currently taking anti-depressants, anti-psychotics or anti-anxiety medications.

About the Classes

Our human experiences are energy. This energy can flow, and it can also become stuck in our bodies and in our lives. Stress, trauma, negative conditioning, limiting beliefs, and the way we experience events resonate in our minds, hearts and deep within our pelvic space.

We hold these energies until we feel safe and resourced enough for healing to unfold.

When we begin to light up our pelvic centre, we ignite our sense of self, our confidence, our relationships, and our ability to experience real pleasure.

The Pelvic Activation  class helps shift trapped energies in safe and effective ways. You will feel more alive, gain clarity, feel more open and experience shifts in your nervous system that enable you to live a more intimate life with yourself and with others.

In this monthly class at The Bigger Picture Clinic in Elsternwick, you are guided through exercises and techniques to activate your sensual nature.

We highly recommend attending every month for your ongoing healing.

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