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a course for women to connect to the pleasure and beauty of their bodies, addressing nervous system issues that shut them down from the joy of living fully in their body. Connect provides you a map towards new and authentic experiences of sex and intimacy from a state of embodied confidence, whether with yourselves or with another. 


Two courses for women suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction to bring comfort, confidence and greater sensation in intimacy:

RELEASE-  is a map to unwinding your tense or hypertonic pelvic floor.

More than just exercises, this course will help you relax and soften your internal tension by addressing your nervous system, your habits, with correct breathing, stretching routines and self massage. Find comfort and pleasure in intimacy again with this journey towards being receptive and open. 

STRENGTHEN- is a course for women who have a weak or hypotonic pelvic floor. This course gives you a map towards a stronger pelvic floor for greater continence and confidence, to help guard against and even correct some types of prolapse, and bring in more pleasure and stronger orgasms. Different than your useful Pelvic floor course this one is both HOLISTIC and SEXY!

Thrive in your sex & relationships
with Heidi True

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