1:1 Coaching

Sex & Intimacy Coaching

Do you struggle to feel pleasure?

Has your libido disappeared?

Do you have blocks around intimacy?

Do you feel like sex could be so much more?

One-on-one sex and intimacy coaching uncovers what is holding you back from thriving in your sex and love life, to help dissolve stuck patterns and limiting beliefs around your responses. Together, we look at what is short circuiting your sex drive or arousal, orgasm or erection, and your surrender to the full spectrum of pleasure available to all.

HeidiTrue Intimacy Coach Online & Melbourne

Free 30-Minute Zoom Consults

Online & In-Person 1:1 Coaching

I offer a free 30 min Discovery session via Zoom for you to see if we are a good match for this work together. You can sign up for this via : https://HeidiTrue-Schedule-link.as.me/

If you have trouble feeling pleasure or experiencing orgasm, suffer with painful sex, or have issues with staying hard or coming too quickly, if you’re anxious and can’t relax in bed, or more, let’s talk!

During your free initial conversation, we dig into what is leaving you feeling unsatisfied, uncomfortable or shut down and we discuss how 1:1 sex and intimacy coaching can help you overcome these challenges.

Book in your free consult now to start on your journey towards thriving in sex and fulfilling intimacy.

Who I Work With

Whatever you are, regardless of your gender, background and experience, I am committed to helping you feel safe and comfortable, allowing you to openly explore your sexual self.

Women's Intimacy Coach


Nearly half of women and female-bodied people report being sexually unsatisfied. Many report difficulty with libido, arousal and orgasm. Or there is pain during sex, which is common but not normal. You are not alone.

1:1 coaching can help you overcome the barriers blocking you from your pleasure or from satisfying relationships, empowering you in your intimate life and beyond

Men's Intimacy Coaching


More than half of men experience some kind of erectile disappointment (which is often not a dysfunction al all), and many wish they could last longer in the bedroom.

1:1 sex and intimacy coaching in Melbourne or online will help you get out of your head and into your body, for mastery of your sexual nature and more enjoyment, and control in the bedroom. Book your free consult today.

Couple's Coaching


Couple's intimacy coaching is all about understanding the arousal patterns and sexual nature of yourself and your partner, and finding out your basic fundamental needs from each other to build a foundation for more epic sex and connected intimacy.

In-person or online intimacy coaching with HeidiTrue will help you re-connect with your own desires and that of your partner for ultimate pleasure.

1:1 Intimacy Coaching Packages

My 1:1 intimacy, sex and relationship coaching packages give you direct access to me, my wealth of knowledge and my tool box of techniques, to have you living your most fulfilled life.

In our time working together, you will meet with me for our sessions, as well as receive recorded audio practices and technique resources to work on in your own time, tailored to your personal process, growth and healing. You also receive accountability check-ins and email support.

I have found the 10 session process to be ideal for most of my clients, to shift the fundamentals holding them back from thriving in their sex life and intimate relationships.

Feeling like the 10 sessions package doesn't suit your needs? Let me know and I can tailor you a shorter or longer package, with select processes for your growth.

5-Month 1:1 Coaching Package

10 x sessions every fortnight for 5 months, up to 90 minutes.


Women's Intimacy Coaching

What I Do

What does an Intimacy coach do?

An intimacy coach helps unravel what is holding you back from reaching your full potential in yourself, your body, your relationships and in the bedroom. Practice-based techniques, such as breath work, gentle trauma release and physical practices are paired with inner ‘somatic’ work to connect your mind, body and innate sexual nature.

In both my online and Melbourne based 1:1 Intimacy coaching sessions, I ensure you feel comfortable and safe to allow for the radical honesty needed to truly understand yourself, to make a positive change in you life. My work is non-touch and trauma informed.

Who I Help

What can a sex coach help with?

People see a sex coach for a number of reasons, including for:

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Not achieving orgasm.
  • No or low libido.
  • Feeling disconnected in a relationship.
  • Painful penetration.
  • Intimacy issues.
  • Limited experience of pleasure.

And more. Many people aren’t sure what is the exact cause of their dissatisfaction, but they know they want more. A free consultation is a great place to start your journey and ensure we are a great fit in exploring this next exciting (and, oh yes, satisfying) phase of your life.

Men's 1:1 Intimacy Coaching

1:1 Intimacy Coaching Testimonials

“WOW! I never knew how much pleasure and connection was possible for me. I am so much more connected to myself now, my innermost self, my precious vulva, my emotions and now understand my reactions and attachment styles too!”

Mens & Women's Pleasure Through Intimacy Coaching

How I Can Help

What are the signs of intimacy issues?

The signs of issues in intimacy will present differently in everyone. but may include:

  • Avoiding physical contact or intimate situations.
  • Experiencing difficulty sharing feelings or desires.
  • Having trouble feeling sexually satisfied.
  • Demonstrating trust issues.
  • Finding it hard to connect with others.
  • Having a history of bad relationships.

As an intimacy coach, it is my job to uncover these behaviours and see the ways these responses are arising. I help you understand your triggers and give you the power to move into new ways of being, for deep and gratifying relationships.

I am VITA™ Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

The VITA™ Methodology combines the modern science of human biology with holistic ways shaped by the spiritual studies of Asian culture. Through this training, I have learned how to reach into potent ancient wisdom and combine it with neurobiology to shape and help heal you to a sexual awakening.

Vita™ Coaches believe sexuality is sacred, beautiful, powerful and completely natural. Humans are sensual beings, however we can have layers of conditioning and habits that overwhelm our natural, authentic sexual nature. As a certified sex coach in Australia, with clients all over the globe, it is my goal to help you release these blockages and contractions preventing you from knowing the full potential of your heart, your pleasure, your connections and your relationships. If you are feeling lost in your sexual or intimate self. let’s talk.

A free consultation is the perfect way to make a step towards thriving.

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