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Your Pelvic Floor balance is the key to comfort, confidence and sexual pleasure

'More than Pelvic Floor'

'More than Pelvic Floor' a deep dive into the female pelvic floor, our space of support, of sexual & creative energy, the locus of our life force and site of so much potential pleasure. In this course I will show you how to bring balance to this area, to enhance your confidence, your quality of life and heighten intimate connections

THIS UNIQUE COURSE looks at the female pelvis & the subtle but powerful energies that lie within. With the fundamentals of a physiological, scientific perspective, and also accessing the time honoured knowledge of Yoga, Tantra and Taoist practices, the content of this course is truly unique, effective and can be tailored to YOUR body's specific needs.

In order to access the life force held in the pelvis, we need connect with sensation, nurture a palpable 'felt sense' of our pussy, and to release the tensions we hold internally. Only then can we build muscular resilience, find that innate sexual vitality...  and experience next level pleasure.

Over 12 weeks (you may work faster if you're super motivated), on your own schedule with weekly tasks and prompts, you will undertake modules designed to meet you right where you are at. Each module includes short videos and audios that educate you (body literacy is Queen!) and illuminate your understanding of your body from different perspectives. This course will have you keen to master the straight forward techniques, practices and processes designed for each module.

This course is for YOU whether you are looking to; strengthen your pelvic floor, connect with the source of your feminine energy, to release muscular tension or the pain your experience in your pussy in intimacy, and/or to increase your orgasm frequency and intensity and make the whole sex thing so much better! For once you have learned to connect, release and strengthen your internal muscles, you will dive into practices to find new pleasure, arousal and sensation you never even imagined before.

There are as many women with chronic tension in their pussy and surrounding muscles as there are women with weak pelvic floors, embarrassing leaks, and prolapse... and many of us women with both! There are so many women blindly doing their pelvic floor exercises wondering why this is making their issues worse, not knowing that they need to relax those muscles first and learn to release stored tension there. Other women, on committing to restore their pelvic floor after childbirth, have overtrained or exercised incorrectly and have caused new issues with a tense, painful or non reactive pelvic floor.

Hence, this course is not just the usual Kegel strength training course (which can be as just as likely to damage your pelvic floor as to benefit it!) Nor is it just for women postpartum. Women of all ages have issues with disconnection, lack of strength, too much tension, pain with penetration, difficulties with intimacy and have a hard time accessing their full spectrum of pleasure.

This course is SO much more than Kegels, you will come away with a choice of exercises & practices for the release, tone & the strength of your whole pelvic area to enhance your quality of life, comfort and pleasure, plus guidelines to determine what you need to work on first!

A loving connection to a toned pelvic floor that can relax, and a pussy that desires and can receive pleasure is your birthright. Be educated on what is right for your body:

Connect with Pussy

Release internal tension

Strengthen the muscles

Enjoy an expanded capacity for pleasure

CONNECT: First we learn to connect, to our body, to our pussy, to the energy that we are so blessed to hold within us. I guide you through recorded practices to nurture your relationship with your pelvic space, to release shame and shutdown you may have stored there, and to increase your knowledge of your pussy, how she feels and why, what her boundaries are and how they show up in your life and if they are still valid in your current life. Download a pelvic floor connection & release meditation that you can practice whenever you need to connect with your pussy energy, your innate Oracle.

RELEASE: Many women hold stress internally, right in their pelvic floor muscles, which limits their enjoyment in intimacy & is often linked to pain during sex. I guide you into pelvic floor release techniques to help you heal yourself, such as self massage, yoga for release, breathing for relaxation, a nervous system reset, quick check ins, deeper meditations and more

Did you know there is a fascial ( connective tissue) relationship between the jaw and the pelvis? And that the jaw and pelvis mirror each-other on many levels? Tension in the jaw often signals tension in the pelvic floor, and vice versa. We will look at this phenomenon & learn some jaw releasing exercises.

We will also explore diaphragm release and belly breathing to access more vitality in the pelvis. Improper breathing can both cause pelvic floor issues and exacerbate them by messing with the way our bodies are built to stretch and tone with natural abdominal pressure.

A tense muscle can not be strengthened, so practicing release is key to all bodies, whether tense and tight, or lax and weak and needing strength. Be guided on how to release your own pelvic tension in the privacy of your home, without the discomfort and expense of visiting a pelvic floor physio.

STRENGTHEN: Learn exercises and muscular actions to strengthen the muscles that attach to and SUPPORT the muscles of your pelvic floor. And I'm not just talking kegels, though I give guidance on how to do kegels effectively, tips on the 'perfect kegel' and clear up confusion around when kegels are beneficial and when they are detrimental to your pelvic floor balance!  Along with this you will learn what NOT to do, what could be causing your pelvic muscles to be weak, or stay weak, if you've been trying to increase muscle tone and control of you bladder and/or bowel.

I will introduce you to glass wands for internal self-release and jade/ yoni eggs for building strength and sensation and map out when & when not to use them and map out a path to your own healing.

ENJOY: We wrap up the course with a whole module on pleasure, how to enhance physical pleasure, increase arousal, learn practices to wire new sensations in your body and receive guidance towards your full surrender in pleasure. Which is really pretty amazing stuff.

This course is designed for you to consume in easy bites, to enjoy the material, to show up and do what your body needs, and to actually complete the course and achieve the results!

Included is one 1:1 zoom call to be booked anytime while working through the online material, so I can give you guidance on what your focus should be going forward and to help you map out your pathway towards your goals.


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