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Sacred Intimacy: a live immersion for couples
A very special live event at Centre for Stories in Brunswick, Melbourne on June 10th, 10am-5.30pm

Co-hosted by Heidi True of True Intimacy and Alejandra Rojas of a Tantric Journey this incredible workshop is for all you lovers and couples wanting to deepen intimacy.

This day long event will have:

4 unique workshops for couples, from 4 amazing facilitators

Each of us is contributing from a place of deep passion and expertise, to enhance your connection with your partner in this amazing offering:

  1. Heidi True: The Wheel of Consent- an enlightening game around the exploration and communication of how we long to touch and be touched
  2. Alejandra Rojas: Natural MDMA for a pair of Open Hearts - exploring the energetics of intimacy
  3. Uma Neave Spender: Breath-work for Couples, to deepen your connection and intimacy through the power of breath
  4. Ash Snare: Trust & Surrender: an introduction to Shibari- a contemporary form of Japanese rope artistry, using bodies, and working with power dynamics. A gentle exploration of kink

Bookings are for couples or non sexual pairs.

Fee :$300 per couple ( no singles allowed for this workshop )

Bookings via this link:




Pelvic Floor Yoga- 6 week series, live & via Zoom
Pelvis:hands V
6 week Yoga for the Pelvic Floor workshop series for women of all ages

This series will be held LIVE in person at Embody & Soul in Dromana, as well as via Zoom for those outside of the Mornington Peninsula.

A practical and experiential workshop will have you understanding how the pelvic floor works, the signs of when it is not functionally optimally, and teaches you all the techniques, postures and exercises you need to bring it back into balance.

1 in 4 women have a pelvic floor dysfunction, and no, that doesn’t necessarily mean a weak PF!

It is just as common to have chronic, overly tense pelvic floor muscles which can be debilitating for women, and have many of the same symptoms as with weak PF muscles. 

In this workshop we will meet once a week to steadily increase your awareness of your pelvic floor, address breathing and the state of your diaphragm ( key to pelvic floor health), learn how to release and relax the tension you may be holding, and practice toning and strengthening the internal muscles. 

This is a whole lot more than just Kegels which are ‘isolated’ exercises and not nearly as effective as certain yoga poses and movements, in fact kegels can (and often do) make pelvic dysfunction worse! 

You will come away with a whole bunch of things you can do to help yourself now, and in the years to come. Along the way connecting more to your body, your comfort and your pleasure.

Thursdays at 9.30am, from May 25th. 6 weeks, $150

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