1:1 Coaching

Relationship & Couple’s Coaching

Has your sex life gone stale?

Does sex feel like just another duty?

Do you feel like you or your partner are disconnected from your relationship?

Are you looking to spice things up and bond on a deeper level than ever before?

These are all common concerns I see people for with my relationship and couple’s coaching services. I help you strengthen your connection, heighten your mutual pleasure and explore different ways to grow in your union. Get started on your journey with a free couple’s consultation!

Couple embracing in passionate kiss. Couples intimacy coaching can help you reconnect.

Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

Online & In-Person Couple’s Coaching

I offer a free 30 min Discovery session via Zoom for you to see if we are a good match for this work together. You can sign up for this via : https://HeidiTrue-Schedule-link.as.me/

At HeidiTrue, I offer both online and in-person couple’s coaching in Melbourne. Whether you’re in Perth or Brisbane, New York or the United Kingdom, or right here in Victoria, I can help you rekindle your ultimate relationship.

I like to suggest a free 30-minute online discovery call for all couple’s coaching, which gives us a chance to meet, see if we connect and start to explore what it is you want to achieve.

Then, we can tailor a coaching package specifically for your needs and get started on your mutual journey to ultimate pleasure, both in and out of the bedroom.

Benefits of Couple’s Coaching

Couples come to me motivated by a wide variety of issues. Whatever the reason, they all leave my services feeling a heightened connection, deeper level of mutual satisfaction and more in love than ever before.

Better Sex

Who doesn’t want to have better sex? In a relationship, sex is often one of the first things to fall off the chart. Through couple’s coaching, you’ll re-spark your love for sex and passion, finding new ways to explore yourself and your partner for mutual satisfaction you’ll both love.

Better Connection

Many couples in different stages of their relationship say they feel their connection is in decline. Intimacy coaching can help you re-align and come together for a stronger, long-lasting connection by building a safe container to thrive in together as a more connected couple.

Deepen Intimacy

Romance outside of the bedroom is just as important as what happens in it! Sex and intimacy coaching for couples can help find where one or both (or more) people in a relationship may be coming across roadblocks in meeting their own and their partner’s romantic and sexual needs, and how to get through this.


Communication is key for any successful relationship or marriage. Through couple’s coaching, you can find a unique communication style to suit your relationship, transforming the way you connect with your partner (or partners) with an honest foundation based on trust and respect.

Couple’s Coaching Packages From Only $3,360 for 12 Sessions

My couple’s Intimacy, Sex and Relationship Coaching package gives you direct access to me, my techniques and knowledge into living your most fulfilled intimate life, with options to suit all needs.

What you receive:

12 x 75-minute tailored sessions, including 1:1 sessions to work on your individual needs and development.

Audio and written 'homeplay' practices to do together.

Bedroom artistry and resources to refine your intimacy skills (including sexy homework to be done!) 

Accountability check-ins and email support.

The coaching journey can help you establish a ‘couple bubble’ from the ground up through a safe container based on both of your foundational needs.

Couple connecting. Couple's intimacy coaching help you re-find your spark.

What to Expect During a Couple's Coaching Session

Exploration of:

Of your love languages, erotic blueprints, arousal patterns, deep desires, kinks, unspoken wishes, sexual brakes, accelerators and attachment styles.

Inquiry into:

Conflict and what really causes your ruptures. What are your triggers? How can your partner help settle your nervous system? The real causes of disrupt in your relationship.

Instruction on:

Sacred sexuality and tantra for connection and intimacy. We explore using date night games and activities to ignite passion and much more in both individual and couple's sessions.

Relationship & Couple's Coaching Testimonials

“Can I say that honestly, I am a better person from working with Heidi. She helped me realise why I am like I am, and accept that, whilst also giving me powerful tools to up-level myself and become the kind of lover to my wife that I always wanted to be.”

Women's Intimacy Coaching

What I Do

What does an intimacy coach do?

An intimacy coach helps unravel what is holding you back from reaching your full potential in yourself, your body, your relationships and in the bedroom. Practice-based techniques, such as breath work, gentle trauma release and physical practices are paired with inner ‘somatic’ work to connect your mind, body and innate sexual nature.

In both my online and Melbourne-based 1:1 intimacy coaching sessions, I ensure you feel comfortable and safe to allow for the radical honesty needed to truly understand yourself, to make a positive change in you life. My work is non-touch and trauma-informed.

Who I Help

What can a sex coach help with?

People see a sex coach for a number of reasons, including for:

  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Not achieving orgasm.
  • No or low libido.
  • Feeling disconnected in a relationship.
  • Painful penetration.
  • Intimacy issues.
  • Limited experience of pleasure.

And more. Many people aren’t sure what is the exact cause of their dissatisfaction, but they know they want more.

A free online consultation is a great place to start your journey and ensure we are a great fit in exploring this next exciting (and, oh yes, satisfying) phase of your life.

Happy couple. Couple's coaching can help you get to the cause of disrupt to realign your harmony.
Women's Ecstasy Intimacy Coaching

How I Can Help

What are the signs of intimacy issues?

The signs of issues in intimacy will present differently in everyone. but may include:

  • Avoiding physical contact or intimate situations.
  • Experiencing difficulty sharing feelings or desires.
  • Having trouble feeling sexually satisfied.
  • Demonstrating trust issues.
  • Finding it hard to connect with others.
  • Having a history of bad relationships.

As an intimacy coach, it is my job to uncover these behaviours and see the ways these responses are arising. I help you understand your triggers and give you the power to move into new ways of being, for deep and gratifying relationships.

I am a VITA™ Certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

The VITA™ method is a sex coaching certification combining science and ancient wisdom to allow us to heal and awaken our true sexual selves. As sexual beings who thrive on connection, the VITA™ method allows me to unravel what is blocking you from living your most satisfied life, and helping you break down the barriers to have better sex, connections and relationships.

I often work with people who have lost their desire for sex or their partner, struggle to achieve an orgasm or erection, or couples who have lost the magic they once had, in and out of the bedroom.

It’s my life’s work to help every person who comes to me experience the best sex and relationships of their life, regardless of age or gender.

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