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We live in a time where many of us are stuck in the cortical brain and held ransom so to the endless looping of our thoughts, unable to access the incredible pleasure and power of our bodies. I was put on Earth to connect people back into their bodies and their authentic sense of self, to experience their true selves and their full potential of pleasure.

Over the past 20+ years, I have dedicated my life to learning how to release our bodies from these constraints and experience every pleasure there is for us to enjoy in our lives, relationships and selves.

I am your guide and can help you unravel and integrate the parts of you that are holding you back from THRIVING in your intimacy and relationships.

HeidiTrue Intimacy Coach Melbourne

My Qualifications, Certifications & Focuses

As your guide into thriving intimacy and relationships, I call on many trainings and skills to help you unravel your current limitations. From my studies in pelvic de-armouring and all the certifications and learnings you see below, I customise every 1:1, couple's and group intimacy coaching session to your needs.

Certified VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

Trained in the Somatic Approach to Healing

Certified Intimacy & Sex Expert, & Pelvic Floor Geek

Certified VITA Women's Empowerment Coach

20+ Years of Learning & Teaching Yoga Practices

HeidiTrue Couples Intimacy Coach

My Background

Why I Became an Intimacy Coach

After the loss of my partner of 18 years, I found myself on a journey to embody my grief, meet the darkest, shadowy parts of myself and my pain in a way that felt primal and very much part of my body. At the bottom of this abyss, I found a sense of deep knowledge — an inner guide manifesting as a wellspring of goodness.

It was then I discovered Layla Martin’s VITA™ method, a powerful, intensive training in coaching in sex, love and relationships. It was here that led me down the path of neuroscience, somatic approaches to healing and poly-vagal theory.

On this journey, I knew it was my responsibility to use this life-transforming information and help people bypass their habitual thought processes. I began working with people to help them access the information stored in their 'bodymind', to shift limiting beliefs and connect them with their innate sexual nature, pleasure, orgasms and find effective ways to thrive in their relationships.

Today, I am here to be your guide and transform your life and relationships.

“Our sexual response is as individual as our fingerprint. As is our relating style.

In my coaching sessions, I honour everyone’s healthy expression of their unique selves in a sex-positive and non-judging capacity. Alongside this, I am committed to the Tantric path which deeply informs my perception of life in a human body, and is the spiritual North Star for my coaching practice. ”

My Method

How I Approach Intimacy Coaching

My aim is to help you feel safe and supported on your journey to thriving. I work with both individuals and couples of all genders and sexual orientations across a wide age group.

Zoom online coaching sessions allow me to help and guide as many people as possible, and I also offer in-person intimacy coaching in Melbourne.

My unique coaching draws from a deep toolbox of magical practices. These techniques utilise remarkable neuroplastic aspects of our brains, energy practices, ‘parts’ and ‘shadow' work, embodiment exercises, breath-work, meditation, de-armouring guidance, Neo-Tantric pleasure practices, Taoist sexual energy work, erotic blueprints, attachment theory and more.

I help you navigate your own bodymind to connect you with your true sexual nature.

HeidiTrue Online Intimacy Coach
HeidiTrue Sex Coach Online Melbourne

The Body & The Mind

What is somatic healing and polyvagal theory?

I totally geek out on neuroscience and somatic psychotherapy. There is nothing I love more than learning and this is one of my favourite methods to study and use as guidance.

Somatic healing is the concept of our inner being impacting our physical form. It uses psychotherapy and body-mind therapies to help clear the limiting imprints in your 'bodymind' and connect to your true inner self.

In my studies, I added polyvagal theory work to my toolkit. Polyvagal theory investigates the impacts the vagus nerve and the nervous system has on our responses. This theory explores how our nervous system can impact our social responses, relationships and how we can effectively calm our systems for a better experience in our bodies.

What does this mean for you? In my sessions, we will use these body-mind techniques to reveal the blockages limiting your beliefs, allowing you to connect with your authentic self and your innate sexual nature, resulting in pleasure, orgasms and deep, connected relationships like you’ve never experienced before.

Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

Online & In-Person Couple’s Coaching

I offer a free 30 min Discovery session via Zoom for you to see if we are a good match for this work together. You can sign up for this via :

If you have trouble experiencing pleasure and orgasm, staying hard or lasting long enough, enjoying intimacy, communicating in your relationship and more, let’s talk!

During your free initial consultation, we’ll dig into what is leaving you feeling unsatisfied, uncomfortable or withdrawn, and we’ll discuss how 1:1 intimacy, sex and relationship coaching can help you overcome these restraints.

Book in your consult now to start on your journey to living your most fulfilled life.

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