I was put on this earth to connect people back into their bodies & their authentic sense of self.

What’s that got to do with Intimacy & Relationship?


Heidi True helps you thrive in intimacy

We live in a time when many of us are stuck in the cortical brain, held ransom to the endless looping of our thoughts. We hardly access the incredible pleasure and power of our bodies.

This shut down has a direct effect on our energy and hence our aliveness, sense of connection, pleasure response, libido, creativity, desire and more.

Also a senior level Yoga & Meditation teacher, I have been helping people become more embodied for over 20 years. I see firsthand the magical ripple effects that living in your body has on one’s life, sense of self and relationships.

Living from the body brings in next level SEX, profound INTIMACY and CONNECTION. Your potential for PLEASURE expands and your ability to connect at a deep level greatly transforms your relationships.

However it’s not spontaneous; there is work to be done and habitual reactions to decipher, and it’s not always easy. We often need a guide to help us navigate the layers of conditioning, trauma, shame, false beliefs, unconscious patterns and shadow that are lodged in our bodies.

Connect with your authentic, innate sexual nature, embody true intimacy

I am that GUIDE, and I can help you unravel and integrate the parts of you that are holding you back from THRIVING in your Intimacy and Relationships

And who doesn’t want that? We all desire to connect deeply, have EPIC SEX and build on our capacity to LOVE from a place of our own self love and acceptance whilst also being playful and having FUN!

My coaching is deep work; curious, fascinating and transformational. I came to coaching after great loss when my partner of 18 years died of cancer. Plans for our future together dissolved as I was left to parent my sons alone. An intuitive process unfolded as I embodied my grief, meeting dark, shadowy parts of myself, pain that seemed primal and very much a part of my body.

At the bottom of this abyss I found a sense of deep knowledge- an inner guide manifesting as a wellspring of goodness.

We all have this inner goodness, the medicine of pleasure within. Pleasure is the way the Nervous System brings healing and integration, a salve we can tap into. This pleasure is our birthright. I can help you access this and show you how to use pleasure to make a real effect on your life.

Soon after this loss, I discovered Layla Martin’s VITA™ method - a powerful, intensive training in coaching  in Sex, Love and Relationships. It was here that I began to understand how we hold a somatic record of our experiences in our body and that to truly heal, we need to work with the incredible wisdom of the body, through sensation.

This new awareness led me to study Somatic Approaches to Healing with Dr Albert Wong and study Poly-Vagal Theory to add to my toolkit. I totally geek out on Neuroscience and Somatic Psychotherapy yet also have a deep personal practice and understanding of spirituality, through the Tantric path.

There is nothing I love more than learning, and taking this knowledge to transform people’s inner experience of their lives.

What does this mean for YOU, as a client? It means I help you to bypass your habitual thought processes and work with your ‘bodymind’ to shift limiting beliefs you are carrying, and to connect you with your innate sexual nature, your pleasure, your orgasm and ways you can thrive in your relationships.

My unique coaching draws from a deep toolbox of magical practices; techniques that utilise the remarkable neuro plastic aspect of our brains, energy practices, ‘parts’ and ‘shadow’ work, embodiment exercises, breath-work, meditation, de-armouring guidance, neo-tantric pleasure practices, taoist sexual energy work, erotic blueprints, attachment theory and more.

Our sexual response is as individual as our fingerprint. As is our relating style.

In my coaching sessions I honour everyone’s healthy expression of their unique selves in a sex positive and non-judging capacity.

My aim is to help you to feel safe and supported on your journey to thriving. I work with both individuals and couples of all genders and sexual orientations across a wide age group. This is all done via Zoom and is a practical, experiential process.

Thrive in your sex & relationships
with Heidi True

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