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Have you stopped enjoying sex with your partner? Perhaps you don't want to touch or be touched? Is being intimate uncomfortable or painful, physically or emotionally? Do you feel yourself freezing when moving into intimacy?

Perhaps you haven't had sex for a long time and you're worried about your relationship. Are you just not interested anymore? Is your partner making every excuse not to touch or be touched? You might feel like you've lost an aspect of your self that enjoys sex. Maybe it's all become just too tricky to navigate alone.

Do you long to rekindle that part of you that lives for connection through pleasure? Are you frustrated by your lack of sensation or the difficulty in feeling anything?

Do you crave something deeper and more connected? Do you sense you've an incredible inner power, but don't yet know how to access it?

Do YOU desire to have EPIC SEX that deeply fulfils you, a next level CONNECTION with yourself and with others, to open your heart to intimacy from a place of deep self LOVE, worthiness and self acceptance?

Are you looking for guidance around your libido, your pleasure or your orgasm? Do you seek help to understand your own or your partner's sexual response and the changes after babies or with peri/menopause?

I help you uncover and release the blocks that hold you back from achieving your desires in Sex, Love and Relationships. I guide you on the path to worthiness, agency, feeling safe, nourished, alive AND sexy.

Together we work on your nervous system to regulate your responses and emotions, dive into your limiting beliefs and negative self talk, shift stuck energy stored in your body, find new ways to explore pleasure and connection through physical training of your pleasure circuits ( hello incredible pleasure!) and along the way build new neural pathways towards thriving.


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In my coaching packages I work with you to help you truly connect with your desires and guide you towards fulfilling your goals in intimacy and relationship.

I offer a free 30 min Discovery session via Zoom for you to see if we are a good match for this work together. You can sign up for this via : https://HeidiTrue-Schedule-link.as.me/


True Intimacy

I was put on this earth to connect people back into living from deep INSIDE their bodies, and to guide them towards true intimacy within themselves, and with others.

What’s that got to do with Sex, Love & Relationships?


We live in a time when many of us are stuck in the cortical, thinking brain, held ransom to the endless looping of our thoughts. We hardly access the incredible pleasure and the innate energy and power of our bodies. We are not having nearly as epic sex as we are capable of!

This shut down has a direct effect on our available energy and hence our aliveness, sense of connection, pleasure response, libido, creativity, desire and more.

*100% Confidential Online Sessions Trauma Informed
CERTIFIED Sex Coach in the VITA™ Methodology
Women's Somatic Sexual Empowerment Coach

Work with Me

A sex coach helps you thrive in intimacy

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Coaching for Couples

Online Courses:

Book in for your free Initial call here

Our free initial conversation is a great place to start to see if we are a good fit to work together. You can tell me about the specific goals you have in mind or ask me anything you want to know about how I can help you thrive.


People come to me saying

I feel so disconnected from my body. I hardly feel pleasure. I know there is more to sex and love than I am experiencing

I've lost my mojo, I can’t be bothered dating. I know that pleasure is important but I don't feel much really.  

I miss that playfulness we used to have before the kids were born. We aren't having any sex. I want to feel alive in my sexuality again. I am not feeling connected to my body these days

I want something more, this sex isn't working for me. How do I communicate this to my partner?

I have been faking my orgasm for years, and I think it’s time I stopped. I have so much pleasure
by myself but I feel shut down with a partner

Gratitude from people I have worked with

Having worked with me, these same people come away saying:

Heidi is amazing. Connect with her if you are seeking more meaningful relationships& intimacy. I think there is a core wound between masculine & feminine that exists in many of us, a fear between the sexes that creates an underlying "battle of the sexes" inside of us & outside of us. Heidi helped me to witness these fears in a gentle way & I think most importantly, to believe that a sacred, healthy, intimate partnership is possible (& that I am worthy of is). I am so grateful for her.

wow, I never knew how much pleasure & connection was possible for me. I am so much more connected to myself now, my innermost self, my precious vulva, my emotions & now understand my reactions & attachment styles too.

After working for 8 sessions with Heidi I feel so different about myself and finally understand how my body works, and why I wasn't feeling much at all 

Can I say that honestly I am a better person from working with Heidi. She helped me realise why I am like I am, and accept that, whilst also giving me powerful tools to up-level myself and become the kind of lover to my wife that I always wanted to be.

My work with Heidi has shifted my negative thoughts and allowed for self reassurance. This has enriched the love I can give myself and my body. Heidi has reconnected me with my vagina…. I have discovered that my vagina is so intuitively connected to my sense of self and the love that I give to myself. 

As a mother of three it seems crazy to me that this part of my body was kind of a mystery to me. Heidi has so much wisdom to share and gentle yet empowering approach... ( client who came to one of my pelvic floor workshops)  

I am so grateful for Heidi's mentorship and the sacred presence she holds within herself. She lives & embodies what she teaches. 

All kinds of good things happened whilst working with Heidi. My pussy came alive! She started to purr. New and curious sensations arose as I started to soften and understand her needs. I now can feel aroused just through connecting with her ( the client's pussy ) and she and I have the most beautiful connection. Who knew I'd fall in love with my pussy!

What can I say... I am waking up with erections again! I feel my masculine power rising, affecting my work, my home life, the way I walk down the street. I feel ready to hit the dating apps and start to have some fun again. I loved working with Heidi and highly recommend it.

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